Cardiovascular diseases are a priority for public health. Despite the progress made in their medical management, cardiovascular diseases are still the main cause of death in industrialised countries.

In Belgium, 45% of total deaths are caused by cardiovascular diseases. However, it is possible to reduce individual risk levels of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart attack or stroke by intervening on the modifiable diet and lifestyle-related risk factors.

The cardiovascular assessment panel proposes an investigation of cholesterol, lipid and fatty acid levels as they all play an important role in cardiovascular diseases development either as a risk factor or as a protective one!

Cardiovascular diseases develop from mild inflammatory disorders, oxidative stress and cell disorders which can be investigated and corrected. Some vitamins (vitamin D, vitamin B9, vitamin E, etc.) or carotenoids protect the heart and vessels. A deficiency in these protective micronutrients is a risk, which is easily avoided by a healthy diet or supplementation. Insulin sensitivity, stress-induced imbalances or even intestinal microbiota disturbances, are factors which can trigger cardiac disease. Assessing these imbalances helps in setting preventative and therapeutic actions into place.

The cardiovascular assessment in functional and nutritional biology supplements conventional investigations by supporting a preventative approach based on personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice.

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