Fertility disorders

Infertility affects around 15% of couples of childbearing age in Europe. Many factors are involved in this reduced fertility: age of course, but also environmental and nutritional aspects.

Pregnancies later in life are becoming more and more frequent nowadays. However, the dissociation between physiological (or biological) age and chronological age has a decisive effect on pregnancy. The measurement of physiological age, which can be assessed using various functional biology and nutritional tests, helps to identify the factors that must be optimised in order to fulfil their desire to have a child. Additionally, nutritional and functional factors also have a strong impact on the course of the pregnancy, both for the health of the mother and for the optimal development of the embryo and the foetus. Assessing these factors help in providing nutritional advice to optimise the course of the pregnancy.

Functional and nutritional biology supports

  • preventative care: to optimise the growth of the foetus and the health of the mother;
  • therapeutic approach: to correct underlying deficiencies and imbalances.


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