Semen testing

Be aware that the quality of the results strongly depends on the care taken to collect the sample.

The sample must be collected after a period of sexual abstinence from 2 to 5 days. The time and the date of collection will be indicated on the request. The sample must be transported to the laboratory within 30 minutes. During the transport to the laboratory, the sample must be kept at body temperature (inside pocket of clothing for example). The sperm must reach the laboratory (not a blood collection point) Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 12 pm. When depositing the sample, inform the receptionist that it must be seen to immediately.

Sperm Collection

After the patient has urinated he must wash both hands and the genitalia with soap and water and dry thoroughly. Semen sample will be collected via masturbation and ejaculation in a sterile pot similar to the one used for urine collection. Sample collection in a condom or via withdrawal is not allowed. The full amount of ejaculate must be gathered.

After a vasectomy, fertility continues as long as spermatozoa remain in the seminal fluid (generally +/- 3 months). The follow-up test is carried out after 3 months (and a minimum of around twenty ejaculations). We generally consider that one semen analysis (with no spermatozoa) is sufficient for confirming infertility.

Beware, semen analysis is not performed on all sites. Please contact your laboratory of choice for additional information.

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