Scientific Documentation

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Laboratory investigation is required for the examination of material, eg blood, body fluid, tissue or faeces to aid diagnosis and measure the efficacy of a treatment. 

A tumour marker is first and foremost used to monitor and follow the development of a cancerous disease.

You will find here some documents developed by SYNLAB. With regard to the decisional algorithm, these guidelines were developed by the SYNLAB international medical committee. 

Genetic diseases result in the alteration or mutation of one of several genes, which may lead to serious dysfunctions and can be passed on to children.

Microbiology is a field of applied sciences that studies microorganisms and the activities characterising them.

An autoimmune disease is a disease in which the body’s immune system triggers an inflammatory reaction with immunisation against its own antigens – hence the prefix “auto” of this immune disorder.

Genetics and pollution are the major causes of allergies, but this does not explain the regular increase in the rate of allergies found in western countries.

Toxicology is related to the research of biological markers indicating intoxication or a threat of intoxication.

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