Home collection service

For your convenience, all our blood collection points can be accessed without an appointment. However be careful with dynamic tests: Glucose tolerance test, TSH, etc. Ensure that the centre is open throughout the full duration of the test!

For those patients who have difficulty in attending a blood collection point, we provide a free home collection service. Upon appointment, a nurse will collect the samples within the comfort of your home between 7am and 11am. To book an appointment, please either call one of the following telephone numbers:

  • Brussels: +32 (0)2 / 464 94 50
  • Liège-Luxembourg: +32 (0)4 / 340 40 40
  • Namur-Brabant Wallon-Hainaut: +32 (0)67 / 89 54 32

or fill in the form below. In the latter case, we will contact you to book the appointment. Please be aware that any appointment request made via form CANNOT be for the next day.

For tests requiring the patient to be fasting (no food or drink – except water – for 8 hours), please check the section entitled: “Tests: Particular Precautions”. It is however advised to be fasting to avoid any potential interference.

Online appointment form

Please be aware that any requests made via this form CANNOT be for the next day.

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