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Test results are sent to the doctor who requested them as soon as they are available, via our secure server or by express mail. Urgent or pathological results are sent as a priority. Your doctor will send them to you in due time.

If the doctor has requested that a copy of the results is sent to the patient, it will be sent either electronically (free) or by post (at a cost of €1.50). Test results are never provided by telephone.

Results can be accessed (in PDF format) via the 24/7 online mySYNLAB portal for 30 days. To open the PDF file, you will need Adobe Reader, available here.

Would you like to receive your results in French, Dutch or German? Change the website language via the top menu. Your file will automatically be downloaded in the chosen language.

If you have received an SMS informing you that your results are available, please input the information sent to you by clicking the button here below.

My Results

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