How to prepare for tests

If you are having a "fasting blood test", you cannot eat or drink anything (other than water) for 8 or 12 hours prior to the blood collection. It is also advised not to smoke during this period.

What about taking medication during a blood test? There are 3 possible situations:

Throughout the duration of the test you must not drink, eat or smoke.

Get a TRH vial in a pharmacy. The vial may also be purchased at the laboratory. The patient must be fasting and have not drunk any coffee (only water is authorised). They must rest for the entirety of the test.

Urinate then wash hands and genitalia with soap and water and dry. Collect a sample via masturbation and ejaculation in a sterile pot similar to the one used for urine collection. Sample collection in a condom or via withdrawal is not allowed. The full amount of ejaculate must be gathered.

24-hour urine collection can provide information on the good functioning of kidneys or the overall organism.

Collection process for bacteriological test to assess a urine or a urethral infection

Occasionally, bruising may develop at the venepuncture site. It is usually harmless and recovers within a few days.

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