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“Cats and pregnant women –Is there any risk at all?” was a question asked laconically by a young woman on an online forum for future parents.

Skin inflammation caused by allergies is a frequent pathology in dogs and cats and it has constantly increased over the past years.

“Antibiotics: when, why, how?” “My dog is sick; he needs treatment.” “My cat should have received antibiotics; he has an infection which won’t heal.”

“One year of a dog’s life is seven human years”. Is this true? Not entirely. There are various different formulae and empiric rules to calculate the age of a dog or a cat.

Your cherished pet suffering from diarrhoea is an unpleasant situation both for him and for you.

“I’m coming with you – Will you take me?” The stray dog that nobody wants and who is so affectionate that it almost pains you.

Yesterday everything was fine, but today the rabbit finds it difficult to run or he is hanging his head.

Vaccination, protection against insects, rotavirus and enteric coronavirus: Ask your vet for advice.

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