Veterinary surgeons

SYNLAB Veterinary is now Antech, following the completion of the acquisition by Mars Science & Diagnostics, a Division of Mars Petcare. This means we are no longer part of SYNLAB Group. There will be no change in how you access services through this website until further notice. 

Continue to access the mySYNLAB protected portal, which offers varied functionalities to help you in your daily practice: 

Regularly updated analyses ⸰ 24 hour consultation of results ⸰ Printable protocols ⸰ Online prescription ⸰ Sending copies to a colleague/owner ⸰ 
Ordering equipment (tubes, sampling kits, requests, etc.) ⸰ Complaints and follow-up ⸰ Consulting analysis forms and clinical articles ⸰ Consulting scientific documents and medical information ⸰ Managing your profile. 

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