Diagnosing allergies, testing for allergens and allergy tests and treatment

  • Diagnosing allergies  

An efficient test for diagnosing allergies in small animals and in horses using innovative technology for allergen assays. We propose an allergy pre-test which essentially uses a mix of dust mites, mould, pollen and flea saliva. This test is used as an interesting first step before treating the various allergens in more detail.

  • Allergen testing in dogs, cats and horses: IgE detection using the unique ALLERCEPT Heska technology

This new approach uses unique cutting-edge technology, the ALLERCEPT Heska technology, which is the world leader in veterinary allergology. The test is an ELISA test which is based on IgE receptors and ensures reliability, reproducibility and superior objectivity.

  • Allergies tests and treatments

Allergy treatments (particularly cortisone, and to a lesser extent antihistamines), may reduce or remove the response to the allergen blood test.

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