Vitamin E, canine CRP and the benefits of a troponin I assay in animals

  • Comparative review of equine pathologies related to vitamin E

    Vitamin E is essential for neuromuscular function: It acts as an antioxidant and stabilises the membranes.

  • Canine CRP: A quantitative tool?

    A study performed at the University of Copenhagen revealed that canine CRP is not only a sensitive and specific marker, but also a quantitative marker of the systemic inflammatory response, which reflects the severity of the impact of inflammation.

  • Troponin I assay: benefit for animals?

    Cardiac troponins are a complex of globular proteins, linked to calcium and involved in myocardial contractility. There are three subunits (C, I and T), which include troponin I, which is classified as being an excellent marker of myocardial pathologies in human medicine, which makes it the gold standard in non-invasive diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction (AMI).

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