PCR testing

The skin or mucous membranes must be treated using a small brush. To avoid any contamination from foreign DNA, the sample material must be sent in solid, sterile recipients.

Sampling equipment for PCR analysis

A large range of sampling material can be sent (joint aspiration, serous fluid, urine, blood, faecal matter, feathers, etc.)

  • Sterile tubes: Use sterile sampling tubes to send the material collected, such as joint aspiration, serous fluid, urine, blood and faecal matter in its original state.
  • Smears sterile tubes without a transport medium are indicated to test for infectious agents in wounds or other pathological processes.
  • Small cytological brushes: These should be used for molecular diagnosis, when a cell-rich sample is collected from healthy skin or mucous membrane, as for example, a smear from the mouth or conjunctiva.


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